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Custom Showers

Custom showers

Glass showers combine functionality and an amazing design aesthetic. Simply, glass showers are a beautiful addition to any bathroom. Our clients love what we provide in terms of design consultation, product quality and installation. Professional and experienced design and installation are essential. While we achieve gorgeous outcomes, keeping water in the shower and out of your bathroom is critical. Our seasoned glass glazier teams will ensure a proper design and a successful installation.

We try to make the custom shower design and installation process fast and easy. A trained technician comes to your home and obtains accurate measurements for quoting and ordering purposes. Upon approval, your custom fabricated tempered glass moves into production. Once into production, you are just days away from enjoying your new shower after our experienced installation team does their thing!

Shower Enclosure Choices:


Frameless showers are made of thick, heavy tempered glass. Frameless showers are secured with minimalist styled hinge and clip hardware, and do not need any additional metal support to function which leads to a clean more modern appearance.

Framed & Semi-Frameless

Framed and semi-frameless showers have a heavy-duty aluminum frame around their interior edges and provide a great deal of stability for the tempered glass. Framed shower enclosures also less likely to have any leaking issues as a watertight design keeps the shower spray inside the shower.